Zodiac Signs Who Are Devoted, From Most To Least

Scorpios get angry over small things and take a long time to trust someone. They are also very jealous. But when it comes to loyalty, you can count on Scorpio to be by your side until the end. Once you have earned their trust, you will always have it.


Cancers have one bad habit: they talk about other people behind their backs. This is because they can't handle confrontation, so they do it behind your back. Cancer is a partner for life, no matter what. 


Leos are always misunderstood and wrongly accused of being self-centered, even in relationships. Even so, it's true that they may seem rude and self-absorbed, which isn't too far from the truth.


Taurus will always love you as long as the two of you are together. Even in their wildest dreams, they will never think about cheating on you. Because they are jealous, they are not higher on the list.


Libras have what it takes to be with their partners for the rest of their lives. It's just how they are to love for all time. The thing that gets in their way the most is that they can't make up their minds.


People say that Gemini are two-faced cheaters. People say that because they have two sides to them, they change their minds quickly and for no reason. What you don't know is that Geminis are great when it comes to relationships.


As long as you make an Aries happy, they will stay loyal to you. As soon as you do something wrong in your relationship, they will stop caring about you.


When Virgos love, they are all in, but as soon as they stop caring, they are done. Their character is a lot like that of an Aries. They don't trust you enough to say you're cheating, but they also don't trust you enough to give you proof.


Capricorns aren't very loyal, but they aren't so bad that they can't be fixed. People still have some faith in them, and they know what to do when.


Pisces don't lie. In theory, Pisces only care about one person, if you don't count emotional cheating as cheating. They are very emotional, which means they care more about the emotional side of a relationship than the physical side.


Aquarians are always thinking about the big picture. They are the ones who always have a plan to save the day. When you're in trouble, you can always count on the Aquarian mind to help you out.


Where they come from, the party never stops. On the other hand, if you're looking for someone to settle down with, you should probably keep looking. Sags are not ready for commitment, and they can't give their whole life to one person.


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