Zodiac Signs That Are Emotionally Unavailable


Aquarius tends to put logic ahead of feelings and can have trouble expressing how they really feel.


Capricorns are known for not showing how they feel. They tend to put their goals and accomplishments ahead of their relationships with other people.


Scorpios can be emotionally unavailable because they tend to keep their feelings and weaknesses close to the chest. They may have trouble trusting and opening up to others.


Virgos may have trouble being emotionally available because they are usually very analytical and find it hard to talk about their feelings in a clear and direct way.


Geminis are known for their social skills and ability to talk to people, but they can have trouble getting close emotionally. They may have trouble getting close to people on a deeper level and may be prone to emotional distance.

Overcoming Emotional Unavailability

The first step to getting over emotional unavailability is to admit it's a problem and decide to work on it.

Identify the Root Cause

Getting to the bottom of why you're not emotionally available can help you deal with and get past them. It could be because of a bad experience in the past, a fear of being weak, or a lack of emotional awareness.

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