Your Zodiac Colors May Suggest a Blue Color Palette for Your Home

Plan to update your home? The Scorpio colours are dark and sultry, while the Gemini colours are bright and happy, and the Leo colours are bright and bold.

Taurus is a stable sign that likes the finer things in life. This luxurious colour scheme will show off their style.

Taurus : Serene hues

Geminis are friendly and interested, so this bright colour scheme of orange and yellow is perfect for them.

Gemini: Cheerful shades

Since Virgo is kind, sensible, and grounded, these soft earth tones are perfect for their space. After all, green is the colour of life and is associated with nature, health, growth, and prosperity.

Cancer : Calming earth tones

Leo isn't afraid of anything, loves being in the spotlight, and is very outgoing. This bright colour scheme is a good match for their fiery personality.

Leo : Brave and bold

Since Virgo is kind, sensible, and grounded, these soft colours are perfect for their room.

Virgo : Greys and greens

Libra is reliable and likes to keep things in balance. This air sign is well represented by this colour scheme, which is both bright and soft.

Libra: Soft and colorful

Scorpio has a lot of passion and loves the unknown. They feel right at home with this dark colour scheme.

Scorpio: Dark purples and black

The Sagittarius person likes to try new things, and that shows in the colours they choose. With this mix of colours, they'll feel right at home.

Sagittarius: Happy and adventurous

Capricorn is practical and focused, so a colour scheme of green and blue will make this earth sign feel calm.

Capricorn : Deep blues and earth tones

Aquarians are dreamers, so this colour scheme with different shades of blue makes sense for the ethereal sign.

Aquarius : Smokey blues and grays

People whose horoscope sign is Pisces are known for having big ideas, but this colour palette is perfect for keeping them grounded.

Pisces : Muted earth tones

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