Your Secret Romantic Desire, Based On Your Birth Month

When it comes to relationships, you're always the brave one, and you're known for going after what you want. So, deep down, you wish someone would do the same for you. You want someone who looks at you and knows right away that they want your heart.


You want the kind of love that takes your breath away. To be honest, the idea of your partner demanding that you give up all power to them is kind of hot.


You wish that someone could pick you up and throw you around. But, like, in a seductive way. All those hot and steamy scenes in saucy romance novels? Yes, you wish that could happen to you in real life.


You need a relationship with someone who is emotionally mature because you keep so much inside. Your heart will be in the clouds if their EQ is through the roof.


It's all about having friends. It's no secret that you want to fall in love with your best friend. What you don't always tell people is that when you're swept off your feet, you sometimes miss the romance.


Since you're so romantic, you're often the one who has to do all the wooing. You end up in relationships that aren't fair because you work hard to make your partner feel special, but they don't do the same for you.


You're tired of always getting hurt, and you probably think about your bad ex-lovers more than you should. So, deep down, you want a simple summer fling. You might meet someone hot while you're on vacation, but make sure it doesn't last longer than five days.


You just want someone who will let you plan everything but will also tell you where they want to go to dinner if you ask them. A partner who is involved but is willing to let you take charge.


You want to meet someone who will treat you like a fragile flower. They can hold your heart in their hands and never hurt it. You are sensitive and get hurt easily, after all. But you don't tell anyone because you think it's impossible to want.


You want love to just come to you. To find it, you wouldn't have to do anything. You'd be at a bookstore one day and bump hands as you both reach for the same book.


No one you try to go out with is quite right. They aren't as smart as you are, and they don't have the wit to match your sass. That's why you can't stop thinking about the person who makes you work hard.


You really wish you could put in more time and effort to find someone. You don't like it when things are too simple. If they just fall into your lap, it's almost like they're not right for you.


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