Which Animal Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: Polar Bear

The polar bear is definitely the Aries of the animal world. These free-living creatures are very brave, passionate, and sure of themselves. They are also very attractive.

Taurus: Caribou

As a tough Taurus, you embody the qualities of the caribou. Caribou are also called reindeer, but no matter what you call them, these animals are very strong.

Gemini: Sea Otter

Sea otters are known as the "party animals of the sea," which is perfect because Geminis are known as the "party animals of the zodiac."

Cancer: Elephant

Cancer, you feel all the feels, which makes you a lot like the elephant. Elephants are thought to be the most empathetic creatures in the animal kingdom.

Leo: Wolf

When you're a Leo, calling you "courageous" is an understatement, which is why you're a great match with the wolf.

Virgo: Honey Bee

Order and organization are super important to Virgos, which makes you such a good fit with the honey bee. 

Libra: Flamingo

Libras are all about finding a good balance, and who has a better sense of balance than the cute flamingo? No one can walk by these beautiful birds without admiring how well they look and how calm they are.

Scorpio: Komodo Dragon

Scorpios just ooze "cool," which is why the tough Komodo dragon is a great match for this sign (and the closest you can get to a real dragon!).

Sagittarius: Dolphin

Dolphins are social and like to have fun, so they are a great symbol for the fun-loving Sagittarius. use a surfboard? Who can jump the highest? You are always up for a surprise challenge, right?

Capricorn: Snow Leopard

If you were an animal, you would be the snow leopard. These big cats are very determined, and when they set their minds to something, they work like a laser to get it done.

Aquarius: Platypus

The platypus is the most unique and odd animal there is, just like you, Aquarius. Platypuses look like an otter, a beaver, and a duck had a baby, but they are their own species.

Pisces: Swan

What better animal for a person who loves a lot than one that represents love? Swans are beautiful and wise, which makes them a great symbol for the Pisces sign.

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