Which 5 Zodiac Signs Can Keep a Secret?

We've all had that one friend we could confide in. We've all had friends who aren't so great. Secrets and vulnerable exchanges are crucial to any relationship, but not everyone can keep them.

Astrology suggests that the day you were born can affect your ability to respect others' privacy. Before revealing deep truths about yourself, ask your colleague or new acquaintance what their Sun sign is.


Aries move quickly, so you'll need to catch them in a quiet moment to get their attention. They can occasionally be forgetful because they're always thinking about the future, which gives them an odd advantage when it comes to keeping secrets.


You heard right. Geminis are terrible at keeping secrets! They're more strategic with gossip. A Gemini may reveal some of your secrets, but it will likely be to a stranger.


Cancers are kind, caring, and supportive of their loved ones. This intuitive sign may know a secret that's been weighing on your heart, but they won't force you to reveal it.


Leos are loyal and protective of their loved ones, so you can trust them with your secrets. That doesn't mean they won't treat anyone who wronged you. 


Virgos are great confidants because they love to solve problems. They will give you honest feedback and respect your secrets. They may also try to help you, so don't talk about things you're not ready to resolve.

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