When Does Golf Season Really End?

The right equipment is one of the best golf tips I've learned over the years. If you shoot in the 90s with blade iron sets or other clubs that don't give you much leeway, you're making golf much harder for yourself.

Sometimes taking a break from golf is fine, but sometimes it takes a while to get your swing back. But if you live in Arizona, California, South Carolina, or Florida, you're one of the lucky few who get to play golf all year long.

Northern States

Golf season is short in the northern part of the United States. Most golf games are played from April to October, but some states let people play until November.

Southern States 

The weather is much better for golf in the South than in the North. Even though it rains and is humid sometimes, they can usually play more golf.

Golf Season in Canada 

Like the Northern US States, most of Canada has a golf season from about the middle of April to the end of October. But if you live in Vancouver or British Columbia, you might get a bit more time.

International Golf Season

The sport is becoming more and more popular around the world, so here are the best times to play golf in different places.

Europe Golf Season 

Europe and links golf can't be left out of the conversation. Over the pond, playing golf is very different because of the terrain, weather, and old-fashioned courses.

Australia Golf Season 

This will depend on where you want to go in Australia. The best time to visit Victoria (Melbourne Sandbelt and Mornington Peninsula) or New South Wales (Sydney) is from September to May.

South Africa Golf Season 

South Africa has another golf-friendly season that lasts almost the whole year. But September through May is also the best time of year.

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