What kind of pizza are you based on your zodiac sign?

Aries is like buffalo pizza because it's meant to be hot and can leave stains. Plus, they are about as subtle as a bright orange and as easy to digest as cayenne pepper that has been fermented.

Aries: Buffalo pizza

Taurus loves to eat and drink whatever they want, no matter how fancy it looks. Come in the Margherita pizza, which is a Taurean poem with sun-browned edges, expensive cheese, and confetti of herbs.

TAURUS : Margherita pizza

Gemini energy can be divisive and even chaotic at times, just like the controversial Hawaiian pizza. It's the carb equivalent of a dare, a changing riddle, and Gemini, who can be salty, sweet, or both, but is always up for a chat.

GEMINI: Hawaiian pizza

Cancer is a veggie pizza because they start with the idea of "first do no harm," which is the motto of both vegetarians and veterinarians.

CANCER:Veggie pizza

Leos are the royal rulers of the heart, but they are also hopeless, crazy, and shameless romantics. For the lion pride, the more shameless cheese on love, adoration, and pizza pies, the better.

LEO: Cheese pizza

People born under the sign of Virgo are very worried about their health. As long as it looks healthy, they don't care if it tastes good or not. Here comes thin-crust pizza, which is like a fun-averse cracker.

VIRGO: Thin crust pizza

Libra is the pepperoni pizza of the zodiac because it is the sign of partnerships, business deals, and perfect matches.

LIBRA: Pepperoni pizza

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