What April Fools’ Day Prank to Pull, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


A surprise glitter attack! Just get a funny card for the person you want to prank and carefully fill the envelope with ultra-fine craft glitter. Put it on your coworker's desk or leave it for a friend to find, and watch as they get the biggest surprise of their lives.


To pull off the mouse prank, cut a small piece of duct tape in the same colour as the person's mouse and stick it to the bottom. When your mark complains about tech problems, give them fake advice on how to fix them for some extra laughs. You can make your joke even funnier by telling them to call one of these numbers when they "need help."

1. Aquarius

Try putting a sign that says "Please Honk!" on the back of your car to throw off your carpool partners. Print out a sign or use a window marker that can be washed to make your odd order stand out. Signs with different messages that are just as confusing can be used in the office or classroom, or you can try these funny text pranks on your friends.


There are a few ways to pull this prank off, like giving them a box of jelly doughnuts with vegetables hidden inside. Or, if you want to freak out some friends, give them some edible bug lollipops in a bag that looks like a normal lollipop bag.

1. Aquarius

The broken-car-window joke is great for the Master of Pranks. Put a fake broken-glass decal on a friend's car window and approach it from a distance to watch them stress out before realising it's an April Fools' joke. This may please your zodiac sister sign!


 you could do something old-fashioned like a jump scare. Try this snake-in-a-can prank instead of potato chips if you want to make people scream.


That's why we think you should attack your spouse or kids with confetti on April Fools' Day. You just need some paper confetti that has already been cut out to put on top of your ceiling fan. Then, wait for your unsuspecting victim to turn on the fan. When they do, a fun surprise will rain down on them. (But if you want them to really like this one, make sure you're the one who cleans up afterwards!)


Since you like pranks that scare people (as long as you're not the one getting scared), your ideal prank might be to play on your friends' fears. For example, if you know someone who is a little afraid of spiders, you could put a fake spider that looks real in their shoe or on their dinner plate.


For the last one, all you need is a roll of caution tape and a good story to tell the people who take care of the building. Then just put up your warning signs and watch as your coworkers have to take the stairs!


The soft, two-ply toilet paper is being replaced with this funny toilet paper that doesn't tear. Just make sure there's a real roll in the stall so they don't get stuck.


The trick is to come up with a crazy headline that could actually happen, like a kid in your hometown running for mayor. You only need a customizable newspaper template and the ability to tell a good story to pull this one off.


Simply go off to a hidden location, stock up on silly string, and wait for the police to find you. Then you can sit back and wait for your April Fools' victim to come to you so you can let go with your can of silly string. They'll definitely be startled, but you'll probably get a good chuckle out of it as well. The hilarious prank videos below are not to be missed, either.

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