Weekly Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs, February 27 - March 5, 2023


The main message of the week is for you to keep your eyes on the prise and stop letting other things take your attention away from what you need to do. You are mostly focused, but you are starting to wonder if this is the right place for all this wonderful focus.


Now that you feel like you have a lot to do, you want to think about how you will do it. You are not alone, though, and the people in your life will help you feel loved as you make tough choices.


This week has a lot in store for you. You'll feel strong and wise, and you'll also be able to help others a lot. You can give advice to people who come to you for your knowledge, and you'll be able to help someone succeed without even trying.


This week, you'll be making big decisions and making big changes in your life. You already know that you need to do something big to make something in your life go the way you want it to.


This week, you feel like it's your time to shine because you've been feeling a little off and not like yourself. Your attitude is "fake it until you make it," and even though you aren't up for the full glamour trip, you will fake it until you make it, and that will be enough for you.


You may find that you spend too much time thinking about how "fun" you and your ex used to have together, but you know yourself well. If you're praising them right now, give it ten minutes before you start to remember the bad things about them and get angry.


As a Libra, this week is all about balancing the scales, which means you won't be able to rest until you know something has been evened out.


This week, you feel a bit rebellious and antisocial while the rest of the world works. You might even know you're doing something stupid, but you think you have a handle on it. You won't go too crazy, but you won't let anyone stop you if you want to turn the tables.


This week, something spiritual will happen that will make you question everything you've ever believed in or trusted. You're about to start a new spiritual path because you feel like you've been keeping yourself from the peace you know you deserve.


This week, Capricorn, you'll be able to see things in a new way, and this will help you for months to come. You want to be successful and work hard to get there. This week shows you that you have put limits on yourself in the past, which is not the way to get ahead.


You've been asked to do so much lately that you're not sure you can keep up. This week might be the time when you reach out and ask for help.


Even though it seems like everyone around you is impatient and always asking for something, you will be the shining star who doesn't seem to care about their stress. You may want to help or guide those in need, but you'll soon realise that no one is listening and that you're better off staying in your own little world.

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