Walgreens Store Stops Selling Any Food—Will Others Follow?

A Walgreens location in Mill Valley, California, has suspended the sale of food, candy, and beverages.

A worker at a Walgreens in California told a local news station on March 7 that workers had been told not to sell food items from the store, but they didn't know why or for how long.

that inside the store, there are shelves full of food with signs on them saying that the items can't be bought right now. All sales of food, candy, and drinks are temporarily stopped, the signs said.

Because of a rodent problem, the Mill Valley Walgreens has stopped selling food, candy, and drinks.

The suspension is the result of a rodent problem.

This doesn't seem to be a chain-wide suspension, since other Bay Area Walgreens stores are still selling food as usual.

No one wants to think about mice and rats eating the food we buy. But it's more than just an annoyance—a it's big health risk.

Pests like this can contaminate food products.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that rats and mice can carry many different diseases, which can spread to people who eat food that has been contaminated by an infected rodent.

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