Thrive After 55: 3 Tips for Healthy Knees

As a Personal Trainer and after years of working in Physical Therapy, I know from many women that they can't exercise or are limited to only walking because they have "bad knees."

As we age, our cartilage wears away, causing osteoarthritis in the joints, especially the knees.

But there are natural ways to prevent knee pain, keep osteoarthritis at bay, and build leg strength to improve mobility, strength, and even put off getting a knee replacement for a long time.

Tip #1: Stay Active and Keep Moving! 

If you have osteoarthritis in your knees, you may notice that they are stiff and painful, especially if you sit for a long time, like in the car or at home. Your knees may also be stiff in the morning.

Our joints like motion because it allows the synovial fluid to lubricate them, like a natural oil can for your knees. 

Tip #2: Strength Training for Healthy Knees

As we get older, our bodies naturally lose muscle, especially if we don't do strength training or resistance training to keep it.

Your joints will be put under more stress as a result of this loss of muscle mass and strength.

Tip #3: Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can help relieve pressure on your joints. The pressure on your knees can be greatly reduced and protected by losing a few pounds.

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