This Zodiac Sign Is the Most Competitive, According to Data

You might be someone who always wants to win, whether you're playing football with your friends or going to a tough trivia night. 

There are also times when it's good to have a little competition. Some people do better at work and in their personal lives when they have to compete with others.

But every competitor acts differently in a competition, and some are much more cruel than others. RunRepeat is a review and ranking site that helps athletes find the best shoes. 


The 510 Leo athletes in the study have a total of 681 medals. This makes them the least competitive of all the zodiac signs. But even if they aren't big winners.


Out of 531 athletes, 696 medals have been won by the Scorpios. Even though this water sign isn't very good at competing, they are still a force to be reckoned with.


The 713 Olympic medals won by the 518 Taureans in this study were a total of 713. that it's not surprising that these athletes aren't the most competitive because of how laid-back their lives are.


Libras are only slightly more competitive than Taureans. Out of 529 athletes, Libras have won 724 medals. Even though they don't like to compete, they love to learn new things.


Cancers won 741 medals at the Olympics. 576 of them did it. This water sign likes to be thankful for all the good things they have.


Only a little bit more competitive than Cancers, the 551 Geminis in the study have a total of 744 medals. They like to try new things, so it's very unlikely that any kind of competition will scare them.


With 780 medals won by 551 athletes, Virgos are somewhere in the middle when it comes to how competitive they are. But this earth sign is anything but ordinary.

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