This Is the Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cheat


Cosmopolitan says that Scorpios are loyal and have a lot of passion. Maybe that's why they're the sign of the zodiac least likely to cheat, at only 3%.


Only 4% of the people who used Illicit Encounters were Aquarius. Allure says that even though this sign is free-spirited and odd, they tend to stay loyal to their partner.


At a respectable 4 percent, Sagittarians are tied with Aquarius. However, because they don't like rules and restrictions, it may seem like they are more likely to cheat.


With 5 percent, Aries is right behind Sagittarius. Even though they are passionate, Aries are also very driven, and it seems that this includes making their marriages work.


Pisces are charming, romantic, and caring, which are all great qualities in a partner. They only make up 6% of the people who use Illicit Encounters.


"Continually chasing after the ideal" can be bad for Virgos. Maybe that's why 8 percent of them are more likely to cheat than Pisces.


At 8 percent, Leos are tied with Virgo for the middle spot among the zodiac signs most likely to cheat. According to InStyle, this might be because they are both loyal and protective, as well as confident and interested in getting attention.


About 9% of the people who use Illicit Encounters are cancers. That might surprise you, since they're known for being loyal and committed, but they're also good at attracting lovers.