These Are the Funniest Zodiac Signs

Drum roll! Gemini wins funniest zodiac sign. Mercury, Gemini's ruler, is responsible. Mercury rules language, communication, and intelligence. Hence, Geminis are chatty and quick-witted.

1. Gemini

Mercury rules the practical sign of Virgo, which also has a good sense of humour. Are you surprised that Virgo is the second funniest zodiac sign on this list? Don't forget that there are many kinds of funny.

2. Virgo

“This fire sign is direct, aggressive, and unafraid to jest. Jupiter—ruler—is Sagittarius's "lucky with laughter." The celestial centaur is "loud, brash, and unafraid to offend."

3. Sagittarius

Moon-ruled Cancer has a sarcastic, biting sense of humour that can wound, but in a funny way. Cancers may joke about a hidden wound. Though sarcastic, it can hurt. Crabs' observational skills allow them to make jokes from others' stories.

4. Cancer

Due to their sarcastic natures, Taurus and Cancer have a lot in common when it comes to humour. But, unlike Cancer, the bull's comedic style "comes across as more grounded and relaxed because of Taurus's earthy nature."

5. Taurus

Leos have a funny sense of drama and love to put on shows. And because the sun rules them, they like to be the centre of attention. that Leos are the "movers and shakers" of the zodiac because they are "proud and fiery" and can make other people "roar with laughter."

6. Leo

Capricorns are "the driest of the bunch," and even though they have a good sense of humour, it is often overlooked. Still, most Capricorns are nice people who try hard to be the best.

7. Capricorn

“Snarky and cool, Aries is the sort to crack a joke to lighten the situation and remind people not to take themselves too seriously. Yet, as this fire sign likes to ridicule others and, like Capricorn, isn't as good at taking jokes about them, their acerbic brand of humour may not be for everyone.

8. Aries

People born under the Scorpio sun sign aren't the funniest, so they aren't at the top of our list of the funniest zodiac signs. "Scorpions have a funny side that can hurt more than it makes them laugh.

9. Scorpio

"When it comes to comedy, Aquarius is a bit of an odd duck." Aquarius can be a very funny, but very specific, sign of the zodiac. Most of the time, their sense of humour is full of inside jokes that only their friends and family know.

10. Aquarius

People with a Libra sun sign are usually charming, funny, and good at flirting. Libras see talking as a kind of social "pre-play." Even though they're not the funniest sign of the zodiac.

11. Libra

Jupiter is in charge of Pisces, but the water element of Pisces usually overpowers Jupiter's sense of humour. "Pisces often misses the mark because this water sign is so sensitive and caring that it's hard for them to joke around.

12. Pisces

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