These Are The 6 Zodiac Signs With The Biggest Hearts

It's no surprise to see Cancers on the list since they're nice and gentle. Cancers' loyalty is real, but they can appear clingy or overwhelming to strangers.


Pisces feel everyone's feelings. They readily empathise and internalise others' issues. They demonstrate uncommon compassion. 


Leos are generous yet underappreciated. They inspire others and defend their family. They value and safeguard their relationships. They aim to boost morale and show others how much they value them.


Aries radiate vitality. People show their feelings to fully experience the world. Aries constantly support their loved ones, even when their goals seem excessive.


Virgos are guarded and critical, but they have big hearts. Because of their intense emotions and willingness to sacrifice for loved ones, they try to protect themselves. 


Capricorns share a similar stereotype as Virgos- their reserved nature seems to cause others to doubt their emotional depth. But despite being hesitant at first, Capricorns have big hearts that can hold more than you might think.


Their care seems more practical than personal, but they will take care of their loved ones in as many ways as they know how. They aren’t always comfortable expressing emotions, but they provide unwavering support while others share how they feel.

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