The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Adventurous


When it comes to signs that like to try new things, the fiery Sagittarius is the best. Not only are they outgoing explorers, but they also have a strong, powerful, and restless desire to live.


People born under the sign of the ram herald the astrological year and spring, which is a time of change, growth, and new life. As a fire cardinal sign, Aries has a natural sense of action and adventure that helps them get through life.


Scorpios are mysterious, rebellious, and don't like to follow the rules (via Astrotalk). This is mostly because they are ruled by two planets. Scorpio is a water sign that Mars and Pluto rule.


As a fixed sign, Aquarius isn't often seen as a sign that likes to try new things. People usually think of them as stubborn, set in their ways, and devoted to tradition and stability.


Gemini, a mutable air sign, has a new adventure every minute of every day. This sign has two different sides to it, and one of its many strengths is the ability to change.


Libras are known for being stylish, diplomatic, people-pleasers who love luxurious comforts. This means that their style of adventure is a little different from that of other signs.


Pisces are sensitive, dreamy, and intuitive. They have a deep well of strong feelings that they feel all the time. Pisces are ruled by Neptune, which is also known as the "Planet of Mist."


Leos have a strong desire for adventure and a brave spirit. These bright, fiery lions are ruled by the sun, which gives them a natural confidence and a strong sense of self-assurance that lets them go on amazing, life-changing journeys.


Virgos are a complicated zodiac sign that lives somewhere between being a perfectionist and being able to change with the times. They are very practical and hard-working people who don't often follow their hearts.


Capricorns are determined earth signs who like to stay in the here and now. They are very focused and have a strong internal drive that keeps them moving forward, no matter what challenges or problems they face.


"Let's just stay home" would be Cancer's catchphrase. These emotional, sensitive, and caring crabs spend a lot of time at home and are very proud of how it looks, feels, and is cozy.


Taurus is the sign with the least amount of risk-taking. They are a fixed earth sign, which means that their habits, beliefs, and ideas are deeply rooted. Taurus is very careful and moves slowly so as not to get caught off guard.

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