The zodiac signs most and least likely to divorce

Aquarius are the least likely sign to get married in the first place because they tend to be independent. They are most likely to cut ties because they want to be on their own.



Sagittarians don't like traditional, long-term relationships because they want to be free and able to change their minds.


People born under the sign of Pisces are known for being sensitive to others' feelings and in touch with their own. They also want to feel close to their partners.


Geminis are usually quick-witted and known for being the social butterflies of the zodiac. They often want to be stimulated and move around all the time, which can be a problem if they get bored.

Aries are a fire sign, and they are known for being fiercely independent and sure of themselves. They are also very passionate, and they want the same fire in their relationships.



Natural-born leaders who often love being in the centre of attention, Leos are strong and independent. They also want to have fun and express themselves.


Tauruses are practical and devoted by nature, which also feeds into their relationships. They can be stubborn and not willing to give in, but they are also friendly and easygoing.


Scorpios are unpredictable and like to tease, but when they commit to someone, they go all in and give it their all. This makes it less likely that they will split up.

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