The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Control Freak

For some people, failing is not a choice. Because they want to be successful, they will always be the first to step up and take charge of a project, and they will expect everyone to do things their way.

They can't pass the baton even if help is available. They might be a little worried, or maybe being in charge makes them feel good. Astrology could also be a factor.

Keep reading to find out what astrologers say about the zodiac signs that are the biggest control freaks, from a little bit bossy to totally type-A.


Aquarians are known for being unique and different from other people. They like being different and don't like it when people try to change them.


Aries is the first zodiac sign, and they will remind you of that constantly.


The sign most associated with stability and security is Taurus. They like things to be done in a certain way, so Bennet calls them bulls who don't like to share.


Leos like control but not necessarily in the same way as some of the other signs.


Virgo is known as the most perfect sign of the zodiac because it is so practical in every way.

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