The Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Marry, According to Astrologers

Marriage is a big commitment, and not everyone is ready for it. A lot of marriages end in divorce, and most of us would rather be single anyway.

There are a lot of good reasons not to get married, like wanting to focus on our careers, not wanting to share our space, or preferring to date with no strings attached.

 Not that you need a reason. But did you know that your horoscope could affect whether or not you get married?


From this list, you probably have the best chance with a Virgo, though they might still be nervous. Even though Virgos are not inherently unromantic, they are picky about who they let into their homes.


Aries are known to be passionate, just like the other fire signs, and they like to show their love in big ways. But if they feel like no one cares about them, they can become jealous.


Scorpios can only show their feelings when they feel safe with their partner. " Scorpios have a hard time getting married because it's hard for them to find the right person.


Geminis, who are sometimes called "quick-witted twins," are always on the go and taking in everything. "They love that dating many different people gives them the chance to learn and discover new and exciting things.


Aquarians are the second least likely sign on our list to get married. They are lively people, but it can be hard for them to stick to one idea or commitment.


Sagittarians have "a reputation for being extreme flirts" because they like to move around and are fire signs. Because of this, they are the sign on our list that is least likely to get married.

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