The Worst States for Retirees in 2023

In terms of cost, quality of life, and health care, Kansas doesn't stand out. It's just that it's below average in all of these areas.


Total score: 46.76 out of 100 points

There is some good news for West Virginia retirees. The state is No. 1 for having the lowest annual cost of in-home services and No. 2 for having the best quality of life.

West Virginia

Total score: 46.44 out of 100 points

Oregon seems to be on this list mostly because of how expensive it is to live there. It ranks 41st in terms of affordability, but it does pretty well in terms of quality of life and health care.


Total score: 46.10 out of 100 points

Texas has one of the lowest shares of people who are 65 or older. Only Alaska and Utah have a lower share.


Total score: 45.90 out of 100 points

Rhode Island has a better health care ranking (No. 14) than many of the other states on this list, but its rankings for quality of life (No. 39) and affordability (also No. 39) are nothing to write home about.

Rhode Island

Total score: 44.95 out of 100 points

Arkansas is the eighth most affordable state, but it may be harder to find things to do here than in other states.


Total score: 44.73 out of 100 points

Maryland is one of the least affordable states, ranking at No. 46.


Total score: 44.55 out of 100 points

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