The worst habits of every zodiac sign

Even though there is a lot of debate about whether or not zodiac signs are true, it is true that people tend to have certain hang-ups that cause them to act in strangely similar ways that are almost predictable.

Aries have trouble swearing because they want to get their point across with emphasis. They want to get their point across so badly that sometimes they act without thinking.


Leos tend to be afraid of change, so they stick with jobs or relationships that no longer work for them. They also tend to share too much online in the name of "being real," which is hard because they take things very personally and get upset if they don't get a lot of "likes."


The Sagittarius is always a hard worker, but it's easy for them to get into the habit of working too much. They can also be impatient, rushing into things and giving themselves more work when a plan would have made things much easier.


Geminis love to talk about other people, which is good for their storytelling skills but bad for their relationships. They are also usually glued to their phones, which is bad for both their health and their relationships.


Libras like to please people, which isn't always a bad thing, but it can lead to bad habits when they try to impress others. This usually involves bringing up famous people, bragging, and spending too much money.


The Aquarius always knows what's going on in the world because they spend way too much time online or watching the news, which is bad for them.


Cancers are often not aware of how sensitive they are because they tend to keep things inside. This makes them angry and passive-aggressive when they complain. It can also make people use unhealthy ways to deal with things.


Scorpios are the most obsessive of all the signs, which can make them seem like they try to control everything. They also tend to keep their obsessions a secret, which can hurt their relationships.


Pisces love to live in their idealistic, laid-back fantasies, which can make them day-dream a lot or, on a more serious level, cause them to mismanage their money and spend too much.


Most people find it hard to say "no," but Taurus has no trouble doing so. That is, until they say "no" too often and miss opportunities because they are too set in their ways and afraid of change.


Perfectionist Virgos can easily get into bad habits like putting things off (because they are so afraid of failing), worrying too much, and talking badly to themselves.


The Capricorn is also the sign that thinks too much. They can't get out of their own heads and have trouble expressing how they feel. Their high level of thought can be a good thing only if they learn to communicate at the same level.


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