The truth about Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is one of the most important people in Christianity. The New Testament in the Bible is based on the story of his life.

Depending on what you believe, you might think of Jesus as both the Messiah and a person from history. We know some things about his life from the Bible, but there aren't many historical records from when he was alive.

This makes it hard for nonreligious historians to find information about Jesus outside of religious texts, but in the last few decades, there have been some very interesting discoveries.


Even though the Bible is the only book that talks about Jesus. that a few other books have written similar things about his life.

British scientist who is an expert in forensic science, put together the face of a typical adult from the time when Jesus lived. The result was a dark-skinned man with short hair. This is very different from how most people picture Jesus, who has pale skin, long hair, and blue eyes.

Jesus was very knowledgeable from a young age.


Although many Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25, most are unaware that the New Testament doesn't say what day Jesus was born.

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