The sports cars we totally forgot existed

England's AC Ace brought back a famous name from the 1950s and tried to copy its famous predecessor's charm and glamour. This is one of the great "what-ifs."

AC Ace

For a car that sold 8,000 units at the time, the BMW Z1 stays in the background of BMW history. When it came out in 1988, it cost around $50,000, which was more than twice as much as a 325i Sport at the time. 


Caterham, a company in the UK, has never made a bad car, but the 21 was dangerously close. It wasn't because of the car itself, but because of the time.

Caterham 21

Mazda did a great job of updating the original Lotus Elan from the 1960s, but it was harder for Vegantune boss George Robinson to do the same thing when he started Evante.


With all the excitement about the Mazda MX-5, MG-F, and Toyota MR-2, it can be hard to remember that Fiat was also a big part of the roadster revival in the 1990s.

Fiat Barchetta

Ginetta was busy trying to get the word out about its turnkey G32 when the G33, which was on the cover of Autocar, became a surprise hit.

Ginetta G33

Harold Dermott's Midas company could have easily become the best cheap sports car in the world. But a terrible factory fire in 1989 put an end to that, and the company went out of business soon after, even though its small cars were very popular.


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