The Saddest Zodiac Sign

Do you have a friend who always gets emotional at the movies? Or maybe you sometimes feel sad because you care about other people. Life can be hard, and it's normal to feel sad or angry about it.

But some people show their feelings more than others, and it could be because of their horoscope. Read on to learn about the saddest zodiac signs, from those who are just a little bit down to those who are really sad.


Taureans don't always show how they feel, and sometimes they can even seem secretive, but that doesn't mean they don't feel anything. When this stubborn earth sign has to deal with change, sadness can creep in.


Virgos are known for being smart and practical. They tend to think too much about everything, which can make them feel bad. Virgos tend to think too much and bring their own mental disasters into the real world. "Virgo always wants to be one step ahead, so they study others, compare them, and compete. The never-ending race to be the best can make people sad."


Libras want a balanced life. They want to do well at work, but they don't want it to keep them from having fun with their friends and family. When they feel like things aren't quite right, this air sign's emotions start to fall apart.


Scorpio has a strong presence that many people don't understand. Even though it might look like a different kind of intensity, this water sign is very emotional. They also tend to make small problems into big disasters.


Pisces are very emotional and sensitive people who often end up "taking on and internalising the feelings of others." They are the first ones to cry at anything, and they probably have never seen a movie on an aeroplane without crying.

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