The Relaxation Ritual You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You, Aries, are the one who gets things done. You're known to be a born leader, and you're usually involved in everything.

Aries: Practice Yoga

Geminis don't know what it means to "chill out." Since you are smart and friendly, you don't like to stay in one place for too long.

Gemini: Journal

Cancers are natural nurturers, and as such, you're known for taking care of others before yourself. 

Cancer: Have a
Self-Care Night

Leos are people with a lot of energy who like to have fun. You have a busy mind that's hard to calm down, so it's hard to get you out of the spotlight.

Leo: Paint

You're a Virgo, which means you like things to be perfect, so you're used to being stressed. You do well in life because you pay attention to details, but it's hard for you to shut off your brain.

Virgo: Meditate

Libras care a lot about balance in their lives. You'll go out of your way to take on as much as you can to help other people relax.

Libra: Take in Culture

Scorpio, most people think you are cool and in charge. Under the surface, though, you're a bit intense and obsessive.

Scorpio: Get a Massage

You, Sagittarius, are known for just going with the flow. Since you are flexible and can easily adjust to new situations, you don't get stressed out very often.

Sagittarius: Get Away

Because of your to-do list, Capricorns have trouble resting. You meticulously schedule your days to maximize time.

Capricorn: Treat Yourself

Pisces, you are known for being easygoing. Some people might think that doesn't mean you get stressed, but they couldn't be more wrong.

Pisces: Take a Bubble Bath

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