The most popular hobby ideas for seniors

Put all those old photo boxes to good use by turning them into beautiful books that you can give to family.


Not only is planting a garden fun, but it can also help you feel better. It can help you calm down and use your motor skills.


Daily walks can do wonders for our health. Get together with some friends and go for a walk around the neighborhood.


Music can help in so many ways, like easing stress and pain. It can also help preserve brain function.

Musical instrument

Games are a great way for seniors to keep their minds sharp.

Board games/cards

Seeing family and friends keeps your spirits up, keeps you from being alone, and helps you grow closer to them.

Family time

Scorpions may be busy with work and trying to reach all of their goals, but they care about their lives and believe that a higher power is watching out for them. 


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