The Most Materialistic Zodiac Sign

Some people care a lot about physical things, especially those that show off their status to the world, like the newest designer handbag or the most flashy new sports car.

 For them, having nice things in life isn't something you can put a price on. Think about one's horoscope to figure out why this is the case.


Pisces may seem like an odd choice, since they are known for being sensitive free spirits who don't care much about money. But when these emotional people are in too much trouble, they go shopping to feel better.


Capricorns are often obsessed with being successful and moving up the corporate ladder. This is because Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorns, is hardworking and driven.


As with most things in life, Geminis don't think twice about what they buy. As a changeable air sign, Gemini has a streak of spontaneity that few other signs can match.


"Aries often think that having nice things is a way to stand out from the crowd." They want to show off their new designer clothes and make a strong statement about the power they have in society.


Cancer might look like a kind and caring person. But even though they care about other people, everything they do is for themselves. If they pay you attention, they expect you to do the same, and they don't like being turned down.


Taureans are known for loving everything nice. Taurus is a stable and stubborn Earth sign that does best when surrounded by things that make them feel good.

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