The Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You know that emoji with the eyes that look like two hearts? Well, you might also know a real person who has hearts in their eyes all the time.

They want to be loved and are romantic, but sometimes they go too far. We've all had a crush on someone we wanted to be with, but these people turn into love-struck fools when they do.

Some people might fall in love right away because of their horoscopes or because they just want to connect.

Venus, which is the planet of love, is in charge of Taurus. They are loyal, sometimes to a fault, and will stay in relationships longer than they should because they need that kind of interaction.


Scorpio is the only sign that could make it on their own. Scorpio keeps their mouths shut and their feelings locked up until they completely trust you.


Leo loves themselves with all their heart, but they can also love someone else just as much, especially if that person does something to boost their ego.


Cancers feel everything very deeply, and they don't waste any time. You'll know right away if they like you, and they'll do anything they can to keep you around.


Taurus, and they are always in love with the people they meet. They can easily get caught up in a love story, whether it's real or just in their heads.


Oh, Pisces, when they fall, they fall hard and fast. They are hopeless romantics who always think about how their story will end well.


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