The Most Forgiving Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people find it hard to forgive and forget, while others don't have any trouble letting things go.

Maybe these caring people just need a simple apology or a meaningful conversation with someone who owns up to their mistake. 

 Or maybe they just let people get away with things without ever holding them accountable. Some people can't stay mad for long and will never hold a grudge, which can be a good or bad thing.

6 Cancer

Cancers don't like fighting, especially with individuals they care about. If you caused a problem or aren't significant, they may carry a grudge, but they usually initiate a truce.

5 Aquarius

Aquarius often seems uninterested in things, but this lets them look at things from a neutral point of view and not hold grudges against other people.

4 Gemini

Geminis are very social and can adjust to any situation. This makes it easier for them to understand all kinds of people and see both sides of an argument. This makes it easier for them to forgive others.

3 Sagittarius

Because Sagittarius is so laid-back and takes life easy, they can be very forgiving. They're always trying new things, so they can't let bad feelings stop them from going on all the adventures that are waiting for them.

2 Libra

It's well known that these air signs loathe feeling like there's any bad blood. Kind and gentle Libra always wants everyone to be happy and comfortable.

1 Pisces

No one avoids confrontation quite like a Pisces. They are sensitive, feel everything to a crazy degree, and hate seeing others hurt. They are the most forgiving sign of the zodiac, but that doesn't always help them.

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