The Most Flirtatious Zodiac Sign

Some people can make everything they say sound just a little bit flirtatious, while others prefer to stay in their shells. Everyone has a different personality, but what if your astrological sign also played a role?

Next time someone bats their eyes at you, you'll know if they're trying to say something or if it's just how they act. Read on to find out which sign of the zodiac is the most flirty, from being a little more open to being a full-on tease.


If you've ever spent time with an Aquarius, you know this is true. Aquarius, who is very friendly, doesn't know they're flirting because they think they're just being friendly.


Sagittarius people love their freedom and are known for pushing the limits, so it's no surprise that many of them love to flirt without any shame.


Leos like to get a lot of attention, which they enjoy when they flirt with someone, and it doesn't always matter who it is. Leo needs love and attention like fire needs oxygen, and flirting makes them feel like the centre of other people's worlds.


Aries are known for being passionate and quick to act, which makes them well-known flirts. "When they like someone, fiery, impulsive Aries doesn't know how to hold back."


Libras are known for playing tricks on people and are the most flirtatious sign. If you're friends with a Libra or want to date one, you've probably noticed how straightforward they are. That's also how they flirt with each other.

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