The Most Conceited Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

There's nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and what you've done. But a line is drawn in the sand when a modest boast turns into a cocky statement.


Cancer might look like a kind and caring person. But even though they care about other people, everything they do is for themselves. If they pay you attention, they expect you to do the same, and they don't like being turned down.


A Taurus is the only person who is even a little bit cocky. They only care about themselves and what works best for them. What other people think doesn't really bother them.


For a Capricorn, setting goals and reaching them is like a wash, rinse, and repeat cycle. They put their own goals ahead of everything else and want to leave behind something that will last after they are gone.


No one thinks being first is better than an Aries, which is likely because they are the first sign of the zodiac. Even though their passion and fiery personalities help them lead others and be the best versions of themselves, it's hard for them not to think about themselves all the time.


Even though they tend to keep to themselves, Scorpios love being seen. They are very smart, and it makes them happy to know that they are smarter than everyone else in the room.


You might be surprised to learn that Pisces is the most self-centered zodiac sign, since they are usually known for being so kind and caring that it's hard to believe.

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