The Ideal Mattress You Should Sleep On, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Energetic Aries is both an early bird and a night owl. You're always looking for the next great thing and can't relax.

Aries: Innerspring Mattress

Taurus is known for being stubborn, and this is especially true when it comes  how you sleep. You won't be stopped from getting a good night's sleep by anything or anyone.

Taurus: Memory Foam Mattress

Much like your quick-changing and indecisive personality, your sleeping habits are never the same.

Gemini: Hybrid Mattress

As the zodiac's homebody, you have a very set routine for the evening. It's important to give yourself enough time to do your self-care routines and rituals before bed. 

Cancer: Gel Grid Mattress

Leo might be known as the extroverted partier of the bunch, but when bedtime rolls around, you're ready to retreat to your home and have some alone time.

Leo: Adjustable Mattress

Virgos can be pretty on edge, so it can be hard for you to get a good night's sleep. You are very good at planning, so you could make the best bedtime routine. 

Virgo: Bamboo Mattress

Libra loves to go out, but getting enough sleep is more important to them than anything else. You know that getting eight hours of sleep every night is important for your mind and body.

Libra: Pillow-Top Mattress

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