The First Things Guests Notice When They Stay Over at Your House

It never seems like enough time to prepare for overnight houseguests. It's hard to clean every dusty shelf and messy counter, so focus on what people will notice.

Since guests won't open drawers and cabinets outside the kitchen and guest room, don't worry about them. Reorganizing the fridge and appliances is probably unnecessary.

It's easy to get so caught up in how your home looks on the inside that you forget about the outside, which is the first thing your guests will see when they pull up.

The curb appeal.

Don't forget how important lighting can be to how your guests see your home. A place that feels bright and airy is more inviting than one that feels dark and gloomy.

The lighting.

that sometimes it's the little things that stand out to guests. Photos in frames, lush houseplants, interesting coffee table books, and cozy throws can do a lot to make your space look more put together.

The decor.

When guests come to stay, they expect a few things. Two of the most important are the amenities you offer and how easy it is to get to them.

The amenities.

Your guests will want to find a place to sit as soon as they get there, whether it's a couch or love seat in the living room or a counter stool in the kitchen.

The seating.

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