The best hairstyle for you according to your zodiac sign

Aries, if you've always wanted a radical cut, do it! The traditional pixie cut matches your fiery personality.

Aries: Classic pixie

Leos can rock 90s supermodel hair. Long, luxurious waves will make you seem attractive and make a statement.

90's supermodel hair

If you're a Sagittarius seeking for a change, try a contemporary mullet. It's edgy but elegant and simple to maintain on the go.

Sagittarius: Modern mullet

Geminis change their thoughts often, so a new blowout is wonderful. Ask for one at the salon next time.

Gemini : blowout

Libras require attractive yet functional hairstyles. A wavy cut with playful bangs is elegant and low-maintenance.

Libra : Sweet and wispy fringe

An undercut lets the hairdresser shave any pattern or form into the hair. That way, your cut is really customised.

Aquarius : Edgy undercut

Classic Old Hollywood waves are excellent. This style is easy and classy, great for a Cancer girl next door.

Cancer : Romantic waves

If you're a Scorpio, consider a drastic shortcut. The most Scorpio style is a vivid colour. It'll turn heads!

Scorpio : Pop of color

Pisces can have a shaggy shoulder cut if they want to change things up. It's flattering and fun—a great mix.

Pisces : Shaggy shoulder cut

Since it's timeless, the French bob is fantastic. It's also easy, which pleases Taurus.

Taurus : French bob

Sensible doesn't mean dull. A collarbone cut shows you are fashionable but serious.

Virgo: Collarbone cut

It's perfect for the boardroom and a night out since its classic design is so versatile. What's more appropriate?

Capricorn : Long retro waves

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