The Best Butt-Toning Exercises After Age 40

Firming and toning your behind means more than just making sure your jeans fit in the right places. that strengthening your glutes will help make sure that your pelvis is in the right place and that you have good lower back support when lifting. 

Strong glutes will also keep your knees from getting hurt, improve your athletic performance, and make you less likely to fall.

So, you can't leave out exercises that work your glutes if you want a well-rounded fitness plan. Here are some of the best butt-toning exercises you can do after age 40 to get you started.

A personal trainer with 15 years of experience in health and fitness breaks down the best exercises to tone your buttocks after age 40.

Hip Thrusts

When you do hip thrusts with a barbell, your whole lower body will be working. Choose a weight that will allow you to keep good form during the exercise.

Band Walks

To do band walks, or the lateral band walk, you'll put a loop of resistance band right above your ankles. Move your feet out so they are about the width of your shoulders apart. There should be tension in the band.


To start bodyweight squats, you can take a wide stance by placing your feet shoulder-width distance apart or a narrow stance by placing your feet hip-width distance apart.

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