The 7 Best Basics for Women Over 50

1. Classic Jeans

"A pair of jeans that fits well will always be a closet staple. We love how versatile this classic piece is, and we prefer high-waisted styles in different washes.

2. Cashmere Sweaters

We live in our sweaters all winter long, whether they are too big or too small. A classic sweater made of this cosy, long-lasting material always looks stylish.

3. Flat Shoes

This year, we've worn flats or low heels over and over again. Some great classics look good with almost everything in your closet. Flat shoes seem to make any outfit look new, whether you choose a snakeskin print or a pop of colour, an edgy boot or a stylish sneaker.

4. Sweatshirts and Sweatsuits

"Our closets have grown, and now we have more comfortable clothes than ever. We usually wear a cute sweatshirt with jeans or a sweatsuit that matches.

5. Leather Separates

"Leather is that high-end anchor piece that always gives any outfit an edge and a sense of sophistication. Whether it's fake or real, you should have a skirt, jacket, or pants in this fabric this season.

6. Wraps

An oversized wrap is a great basic that you can just grab and go. There are so many ways to wear it. We like to wear ours as a shawl or a scarf with a jacket or blazer."

7. Timeless Blouses

"You can dress up a simple classic blouse with a leather skirt or wear it with your favourite jeans and sneakers. It's always been one of our favourite styles.

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