The 5 Most Hypocritical Zodiac Signs, Ranked

A hypocrite is someone who says one thing but does something else. Believe us when we say that everyone has some fake traits, no matter how well they are hidden.

Even though we try hard to be honest, we all lie sometimes. However, some of us are in deeper than others. 

We all put on a front sometimes to get ahead at work or in our personal lives, but which zodiac signs are the biggest liars? We tell you who to keep an eye out for and why they do what they do.

The Sagittarius personality is the least honest of all the signs of the zodiac, and they can have two faces. In general, these natives are not honest, and they are often caught saying one thing and then doing something else right away.

1) Sagittarius cannot be trusted

Even though Gemini seems to be friendly and easygoing, these guys have no problem stabbing other people in the back to get ahead.

2) Gemini draws people in with their charm


With their easygoing personalities and love of life, Pisces don't seem like the most likely people to lie, but once you look a little deeper, it's clear that they do.

3) Pisces pretends to be nice

Libra personality People may seem nice and innocent on the outside, but they often have strong tendencies to lie. Libras don't like to let people down, and their need to please and be liked makes them change into people they're not.

4) Libra can be very manipulative

When thrust into the spotlight and criticized, the Virgo personality star sign becomes protective and irate. They are always willing to bring out the shortcomings and flaws of others.

5) Virgo will always play the victim

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