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The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Run A Marathon

Everyone doesn't want to train for a marathon, that much is clear. It takes running early in the morning and going to the gym. 

You have to keep going even though your hands and muscles hurt. Oh, and there's the whole running 26 miles thing at the end. 

Astrologers say that you should look at both a person's sun sign and their Mars sign to figure out if they are likely to run a marathon.

Mars is the planet of motivation, which is something you'll need to keep going for 26 miles. This will also keep you going during the months of training and getting ready for a race.

A Los Angeles-based tarot card reader says that of the three fire signs, Aries is known for being the most intense. They have a lot of energy and drive, and they need a way to use it. Running a marathon is often just the thing.


They love having a goal to work toward and will treat a marathon like it's their job. A Capricorn will buy a fitness tracker, make a tough training plan, and keep up that level of energy until race day.


Scorpio is usually ruled by Mars, which gives them a fighting edge and the energy to dig deep when they need to. As a water sign, they also have the emotional drive to push through hard times and finish the course.


Sagittarius is the sign with the most sense of adventure. After all, they're a fire sign." These people are always looking for new things to learn and new things to do. They'll try anything at least once, and marathons are on that list.


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