The 4 Most Emotionally Detached Zodiac Signs Need Your Patience

We've been told all our lives to pull ourselves together and stay cool, calm, and collected, as if emotions aren't meant to be seen or heard.

 It's easiest to cry when no one is looking, which is probably true for even the least emotional zodiac signs.

Some of us take criticism to heart when we show how we really feel, and these zodiac signs are the most emotionally detached: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Scorpio: They Radiate Mystery Until They Get To Know You

The air around a Scorpio is mysterious. If they are feeling especially guarded about how they feel, they may seem downright scary at first.

Sagittarius: They Process Emotions In Their Own Unique Way

People say that Sagittarians have an almost supernatural ability to always be positive.

Capricorn: They Protect Their Emotions For As Long As They Can

A Capricorn is always out to do something. Their whole life is about getting from one goal to the next, and letting their feelings get in the way is rarely on the agenda.

Aquarius: They Prefer To Keep Their Feelings Private

An Aquarius loves to move through crowds, get to know everyone, and use their wit to make people like them.

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