The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 3, 2023

Some people's dreams are others' worst nightmares, and that's how today feels, with the Sun square Uranus in the sky and the chance of chaos all around us.

When transits are "square," we get the feeling of "too much, too fast." This makes us feel like the opinions of others and their actual physical presence are getting in the way of our freedom.

Some zodiac signs will feel like they can't breathe on February 3, 2023. We might wonder what happened to "our say in the matter" because we really feel like we aren't being heard today.

We have great ideas, but other people think their ideas are better, and because they are more well-off than us, they always get their way. So, the Sun square Uranus transit today affects those of us who weren't supposed to stand up for our rights today.

Uranus is a great planet, and every time it moves, it shows us something new. Uranus rules independence and uniqueness. Uranus makes us weird and makes us think outside the box. When we are lucky enough to be affected by Uranus, we become bigger than we are.

1. Leo

Leo, you've been trying so hard to improve yourself that you think it's all about getting people to like you. If you're not liked, you feel like you've failed yourself in some way. You're doing great, so don't give up. Your hard work on the inside will pay off in the long run. 

2. Sagittarius

You change your mind so often that you are almost like a Gemini. On February 3, when the Sun is in a square to Uranus, you will change your mind again. You feel like you've been swept up in some insane drama. At first, it was exciting because you hadn't been in a serious drama for a long time — on purpose.

3. Aquarius

You can see clearly today that life is short and money is meant to be spent. That's not a green light to spend money without thinking, but it is a hint that you could do more with your money and time. You have spent a lot of your life going against what people expect of you, which has hurt you in some ways.

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