The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 1, 2023

One thing that might come up today is how naive we are. No one likes to think they are naive, and no one likes to admit that they made a big decision based on something that doesn't hold up.

This is the day when we "thought" we were doing the right thing. Our intentions are good, but it doesn't matter because our naiveté is about to show us how stupid we are.

The Moon's square to Neptune today is to blame for how bad it feels. We realise how many mistakes we've made in the name of love or family on this day.

Today, illusions are falling apart, and even though it might hurt, what's left is something we can finally work with. Today, we have the chance to see a way out, but we'll need to think, be aware, and be willing to change.

When the Moon is in a square to Neptune, we may feel a little silly and not want anyone to look at us. We realise how stupid our last few choices were, which makes us feel bad. But that doesn't mean we can't grow because of it.

What bothers you now is that you know you fell for someone's lie. They may still believe their lie, but you can see right through it now, but you couldn't before, and you want to kick yourself for being so trusting.

1. Aries

You never want to admit that you've taken a friend or a lover for a fool. When you think about how you've treated this person and what they've done to break your trust, you might want to sit down and do some deep breathing. It looks like you fell for their joke again, and with the Moon square Neptune shining down on your head, you'll snap so much that you might even want revenge.

2. Gemini

This is a hard day for you, Capricorn, because the person you try to protect is making you look like a fool, and you finally realise what's going on. A LOT will happen to you on this day. You will spend a lot of it asking yourself why you do the things you do, especially when it comes to this one person.

3. Capricorn

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