The 3 Most
Tech-Savvy Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer

Everyone has that one friend who is always the first to get the newest iPhone model or who never misses an iOS update so they can use all the newest features and emojis.

Maybe it’s because they work in tech, or maybe their love of all things technology has something to do with their zodiac sign. There are three signs that may have a natural interest in technology.

If you are always looking for the next best app, device, or tablet, you might want to look at your birth chart.

It can be hard to keep up with changes in technology, but not if you're one of these three zodiac signs. And thank goodness for that, because without these tech-savvy signs, how else would we know about all the new advances in A.I. that are happening so quickly?

Each of these zodiac signs has its own reason for being so interested in technology. It could be that they like being on the cutting edge, or that they just want to be the first to have the newest gadget.


Gemini is often called the "communicator" of the zodiac, so it makes sense that Gerdes thinks the air sign is "all about their smart devices."


Gerdes says that Capricorn, the sign of "status and power," is always looking for the newest gadgets because it is a sign of "status and power."


You can't have a list of the most tech-savvy zodiac signs and leave out Aquarius, which is known for being on the cutting edge of technology.

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