Some Alluring Waterfalls to visit?

Located on the border between Canada & the United States, Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, with stunning natural beauty. 

Niagara Falls, Canada/USA: 

Located on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world, with a width of over 1.7 kilometers and a height of over 100 meters.

Victoria Falls, Zambia:

Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall system made up of 275 individual cascades.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil:

Located in the heart of Venezuela's Canaima National Park, Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world, with a height of over 979 meters.

Angel Falls, Venezuela: 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a stunning network of 16 cascading lakes & waterfalls that are renowned for their vibrant turquoise color. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia:

Yosemite Falls, USA: Located in California's Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in North America, with a total height of over 739 meters.

Yosemite Falls, USA:

This picturesque waterfall is located on the south coast of Iceland & is renowned for its ability to walk behind the cascading water.

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland: 

Located on the border between Vietnam & China, Ban Gioc-Detian Falls is a stunning waterfall system that is over 300 meters wide.

Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, Vietnam/China: 

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