Signs you are dealing with the toxic person

Toxic people tend to criticize everything about you, from your appearance to your ideas, & often do so in a hurtful way. 

They constantly criticize you: 

Toxic people often have a negative outlook on life, & their negativity can be contagious.

They are always negative: 

 Toxic people may use manipulation tactics to control you, such as guilt-tripping, gaslighting, or withholding affection.

They manipulate & control you:

Toxic people tend to play the victim & never take responsibility for their actions. They may blame others for their problems & refuse to acknowledge their own mistakes.

They are always the victim: 

Toxic people often have little empathy for others & may dismiss your feelings & concerns. They may also be quick to judge & criticize others without considering their perspectives.

They lack empathy: 

 Toxic people may be jealous of your successes & try to bring you down.

They are jealous & possessive:

 Toxic people can be unpredictable in their behavior and mood swings, which can make it difficult to anticipate their reactions.

They are unpredictable:

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