Regrets Everyone Has Over 50

1. Not furthering your education

Even though not everyone likes the idea of sitting in a classroom and taking tests, missing out on educational opportunities is a big reason why many people feel bad about themselves as adults.

2. Not finding fulfillment

Lack of fulfilment is a big regret for many people, whether it's because they never got that degree, got the right job, or found hobbies they love.

3. Not accomplishing more

Even though it's a matter of opinion, as people get older, many of them regret not having done certain things.

4. Not trying to land that dream job

When it comes to fulfilment, people over 50 who are getting close to retirement age often regret not going after their dream job.

5. Working too much

On the other hand, working too much might not be a good thing either. When people look back on their lives, they don't often say, "I wish I had worked more Saturdays."

6. Choosing relationships over your career

Many people over 50 regret putting their relationships (with a partner, family, or children, for example) ahead of their careers.

7. Not asking that person out

People over 50 often wonder about things that could have changed the way their lives turned out.

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