Precautions to take during online dating

Be cautious about sharing too much personal information with someone you've just met online. 

Don't share too much personal information: 

Avoid giving out your full name, address, phone number, or other identifying information until you feel comfortable with the person & have established a level of trust. 

Don't share too much personal information: 

Take your time getting to know someone online before meeting in person. Arrange to meet in a public place & let someone know where you're going & who you're meeting. 

Don't rush into meeting in person:

If something seems off or too good to be true, trust your gut & proceed with caution. 

Don't ignore red flags: 

Be wary of someone who is overly eager, pushes for personal information or wants to move too quickly.

Don't share too much personal information: 

Be aware of online dating scams and never send money or financial information to someone you've only met online.

Don't fall for scams: 

Remember to prioritize your own safety & well-being while online dating. If someone makes you uncomfortable or exhibits concerning behavior, do not hesitate to block or report them.

Don't ignore your own safety: 

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