Pizza Hut Just Made the World’s Largest Pizza

The 14,000 square foot pie was a collaboration between the company and YouTube sensation Airrack. it was the biggest pizza ever made.

A pizza that weighs 13,653 pounds and requires 4,948 pounds of pizza sauce, 8,800 pounds of cheese, and 630,496 pieces of pepperoni. An enormous pepperoni pizza measuring 14,000 square feet was made by Pizza Hut to celebrate the return of its Big New Yorker style pizza.

The presence of Guinness World Records at the event confirmed the pie's status as the largest in the world. The previous record had been achieved in 2012 by a team of Italian cooks, but this one surpassed their achievement.

Throughout their 48 hours in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the crew (comprised of Pizza Hut employees and the YouTuber's buddies) didn't stop working. Squares of dough were utilised, and then the toppings of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni were piled on top.

How Did They Make The World’s Largest Pizza?

The pizza was cooked by an aerial cooking equipment. The whole 68,000-slice pizza order was donated to several Los Angeles-area organisations.

Nevertheless, beginning on February 1st, the Big New Yorker pizza will be offered in Pizza Hut locations around the country.

he committed to doing the act for two reasons. To begin, he bragged about reaching 10 million followers (which he did!). Second, he wanted to forget the horror that had occurred on his eighth birthday when he was a kid.

Why Did They Make This Colossal Pizza?

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