Our Guide To Neptune's Meaning In Astrology

Astrology says that Neptune is connected to our spiritual selves. This means that the blue planet is the source of everything, from psychic abilities to dreams. 

Neptune is also often linked to intuition and gaining more knowledge in general. But it's not all good news when it comes to what it could be.

A lot of astrologers agree that Neptune is also the planet of false beliefs and lies. Even though it might let us get in touch with our inner selves, it also gives us the chance to go too far. 

Think of a way to escape, but not just through dreams. Neptune is sometimes linked to addiction and bad habits.

Astrologers say that Neptune is a symbol of the energy of women in general. People also think of it as the planet in the Twelfth House that rules the sign of Pisces.

Neptune's orbit through each of the 12 zodiac signs takes a whopping 165 years. It stays in each sign for an average of 14 years, which means that when it passes through your life, it has a long-lasting effect.

Astrology houses can help you understand how planets like Neptune affect our lives. Western astrology has 12 houses that represent our relationships and health.

What Are Astrological Houses, Anyway?

our 12 houses depend on where the planets were when you were born. If Neptune is in your fifth house—the house of creativity, love, and fun—you may exhibit some of its traits. Intuition for creative projects is an example.

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