If You Want A Second Date With Each Zodiac, Never Do This On The First One

They won't let you spend the whole time looking at your phone. They will try to get your attention.


They won't put up with conversations that only go one way. They want you to talk about yourself and add to the conversation.


They won't stand for anyone treating the workers badly in any way. They want to be with someone who is kind to everyone they meet.


They won't let anyone brag. They want someone who is sure of themselves but isn't arrogant.


They won't accept even small lies. They don't want you to put on a show to show them how good you are. They want you to just be who you are.


They won't let you be late. You should show that you care about them and their busy lives. They won't give you another chance if you waste their time.


They won't let your eyes wander. If you're going out on a date with them, they expect you to be interested only in them.


They won't put up with people who think they're better than others. If you make fun of their favourite music, TV shows, or career choices, they won't want to talk to you anymore.


They won't put up with lies. They want to be with someone who says what they mean and has the same high standards for themselves as they do for their partners.


They will not accept mixed messages. They want to know how you feel and won't waste time trying to figure out what your signals mean.


They won't let anyone be lazy. They want you to work as hard as they do, especially at the beginning of the relationship when they don't know you yet.


They won't put up with too much bad news. They need a positive person in their lives who will cheer them on and not bring them down.


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